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"At all times, our single aim is to help instructors achieve the engagement and effectiveness of in-person teaching in an online setting."

Jim Thompson, CogBooks CEO

Online or in the classroom, CogBooks can help.

CogBooks’ learning technology is easing the transition to remote learning with flexible, affordable products that give students personalized paths to concept mastery, whether in a classroom or remote. Experience peace of mind while improving course outcomes by delivering instructional materials online.

Start teaching online with CogBooksTM Courseware

The following courseware is available for immediate use.

CogBooks’ adaptive learning platform and courseware is ideal for classes taught remotely because our technology has been designed from the outset with online curricula in mind.

Explore The Student Experience

Your students will thank you for adopting CogBooks Courseware because we engage each student with the right material, at the right level, at the right moment in time.

Explore The Instructor Experience

You don’t need to be a data scientist or whiz with excel to benefit from the  analytics and insights featured in the CogBooks instructor dashboard.