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CogBooks is here to help.

We’re all facing an unprecedented challenge - let us help make the transition to remote learning easier.

CogBooks is making our online adaptive courseware available at no charge to any college or university facing an unexpected transition to online teaching as a result of the COVID-19 escalation. Our commitment is to get you up and running within 72 hours, including LTI LMS integration, and give you one-on-one training and onboarding guidance.

CogBooks will help you maintain the same level of course and learning outcomes while transitioning to online instruction by keeping your students engaged, facilitating online communication, and providing valuable engagement and performance analytics.

Start teaching online with CogBooks Courseware

The following courseware is available for immediate use.

CogBooks Courseware is ideal for classes taught remotely because our technology has been designed from the outset with online curricula in mind.

CogBooks Courseware is a ready-to-adopt, complete online course solution that delivers instructional content, homework and assessment within a continuously adaptive learning environment. Instructors teaching online can be confident that learners get the support they need at the moment they need it because the learning experience adapts as each learner engages with instruction and assessment activities.

CogBooks’ pedagogical approach relies on research and scientific methods to optimize and measure learner engagement in our user experience.

Meets the needs of remote teaching

CogBooks Courseware meets the needs of remote teaching and learning for higher education curricula. 

Multiple approaches to virtual communication

CogBooks’ platform enables multiple approaches to virtual communication directly within the courseware in the context of the learning module